Dominique's Musician Corner Scholarship Fund 

Make a donation to name the person who inspires you at our next Bubble Ceremony  

"Thank you.  Your support is truly appreciated."
-Rudy Milton, Dom's Mom

On the donation page at STEP 4 "Honorary or Memorial," you may share a name of your choice to be read aloud at our next Bubble Ceremony.  This is an exercise in letting go. Sometimes this is tough to do.  We are asking you to consider sharing a name of someone who inspires you to let go of anger or frustration that you may be holding onto.  We all hold onto things we need to let go.  You will inhale a breath to the spot in your body that holds your anger – or whatever it is you want to release – and as you exhale to blow the bubble we ask you to think of that person who inspires you to let go of hate and anger. Let's do this together and experience the joy of choosing forgiveness and letting go.  It all starts with a choice.  


Donations are collected and managed through the Community Foundation of the Low Country.  This is to ensure that your donation makes the biggest impact possible.