Since the first Walk For Dom

event on June 4, 2016, WFD has organized several events a year to remember Dominique, promote healthy outlets for stress, and raise money for a performing arts scholarship. 

 It is the hope of Dom's family and friends that through the educational support provided by this scholarship fund, students will be assisted in their careers and better relationships will be fostered between parents, school administrators, community leaders, and students.   

Inaugural scholarship awarded to Rebecca Donaldson

"It's truly an honor to be a part of carrying out Dom's legacy. I have never been awarded something of so much meaning and love and it's truly a blessing. I am so grateful to be the inaugural recipient of this scholarship to help me pursue an education in acting. Much love and thanks to Rudy and the committee!" - R.D.

Recipients of this scholarship have demonstrated their desire to use their artistic talent to inspire shared hope for a safer and better world.   

2018 Inaugural scholarship awarded to Kalaylah Chisholm

“ My major is theater education. I will be teaching students performing arts. Students will be able to perform, show their passion, and do what they love. I'm incredibly thankful for being blessed with such a honorable award such as Dominique’s Muscian Corner Scholarship. It is my great pleasure to carry on Dominique’s legacy. I will make sure I represent Dominique in a very awesome way!” _ K.C.