Rudy Speaks Up at Bluffton Gun-Legislation Meeting

I attended a meeting on Monday, January 30th, 2017 along with Moms Demand Action. I met local State Rep. Bill Herbkersman.  Bill  was very open and willing to be transparent regarding his belief around gun safety laws.  He was open for having a dialogue with an audience that everyone had their own opinion .  The crowd was amazing and voiced their opinions about believing in guns or not. 

I personally wanted to hear the different views of others concerning guns. Most of the crowd in attendance didn't own a gun. The few that did, including Bill collected guns and practiced  gun safety. One gentleman in particular had a gun and wanted it to be melted down, to ensure it would not be sold or back on the streets. That was eye opening! Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a buy back gun program in our local community??!! 

I have a community that continuously supports me and that is a real eye opener. I was able to speak about Dominique and the beautiful life he lived that was cut so short. The audience, who didn't know I was the mother of the BELOVED Dominique, was tuned in as I told my story. I WILL NEVER GIVE UP FIGHTING FOR DOMINIQUE! 

Here's the link to an article written up by the Island Packet about this event: